Season Of Change?

Season Of Change?

Featured above, detail of "Nevertheless, Love" / 18 x 24 / Acrylic on canvas / Available


I hear it’s autumn in North America, the 107 degree temps last week tell a different story, but this is 2020 and nothing seems remotely “normal” about this year. Still, I’ve noticed a refreshing crispness to the air in the mornings which make me hopeful that it will indeed become sweater weather soon enough. At least by SoCal standards.

As for life in the studio, I want to thank those of you who ventured out at the end of last month for the Art Along The Coast studio tour! We connected with both old and new friends and had some terrific sales (despite the oppressive heat). All-in-all, I was incredibly grateful for the experience!

But it is September and I’m excited to announce we are heading to Las Vegas this weekend for the Vegas Auto Fest at the Red Rock Country Club, Saturday, from 10a – 2p. They are touting it’s “Car Week in a day” – how fun is that?  If you’re in the area, please come by, say hi, see the cool cars and add some art to your collection. We’ll be staying for the weekend, so let us know if you’re in town!

In November, the 36th annual Mission Fed ArtWalk, a celebration of visual and performing arts, will actually be taking place…in person…the 7th & 8th, in Little Italy San Diego! I say WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I’ll send more information as we get closer, but suffice it to say, as of this moment, we will be there!

Finally, many of the Festival of Arts artists who participated in Art Along the Coast last month saw how much the event meant to our patrons, so we are developing a Winter edition scheduled for early December. I’ll let you know the particulars at a future date.

In a year where so many shows have been cancelled, we are incredibly grateful to have three more events coming up this fall. All are outdoor events, strictly adhering to the health guidelines, the event promoters, the artists/participants and the attendees all want to stay healthy and continue to have these activities available, so we are willing to do what it takes to keep moving forward. THANK YOU for your continued support, commissions, purchases and encouragement – such a treasure to me.

So enough about me, how are YOU doing?? For many, being isolated, even with your family, is challenging – perhaps even difficult. I want you to know you are valued, respected, appreciated and cared for…by me…even if its simply through the receiving of this email. Wrapping you in a big virtual hug as we continue to navigate this unprecedented season of history together.

Continue to live beautifully,


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