About The Artist


Lyn is an abstract expressionist artist working in acrylic on canvas and paper.  

Lyn is captivated by the beauty in creation. It fills her with joy and elicits a wonder that reconnects her to a childlike curiosity. Through painting, Lyn says she feels closer to the Creator of the universe, extracting the essence of what she sees but still leaving something for the viewer to derive for themselves. Her expressive application and playful hidden gems of color cause you to not only look at the artwork from a distance, but requires you to come closer and find the hints of past layers that lead to the final piece of art.  The intricate details of nature are deconstructed, leaving you the viewer, to discover a beauty and love of nature all your own. The contrast between the chosen palette and the application with a knife are meant to create a level of conflict – the same conflict she feels in using such delicate reference objects with such an intense approach. It is meant to draw you in and explore, look deeper and be enveloped by the majesty of creation – even the simple, quick-to-perish flora around us.


In 2012, after a horrific incident put me in the hospital with 3rd & 2nd degree burns, a year of surgeries and occupational therapy, I felt called back to art, a passion I enjoyed in my youth and early twenties.

The series, "Beauty from Ashes" is my conversation with God about the journey back from that difficult experience, recognizing there’s still beauty in the midst of life's struggles.

Now there are other works...other conversations I'm having in the form of abstractions and most recently, CARS. 

It might seem strange to those who don't know my history, but my dad used to rebuild and race Porsche's when I was very young. The distinct sights, sounds and smells of that beautiful machine was embedded from those early memories. 

After art school in New York, I ended up a trade show manager for Performance Racing Industry. For nearly a decade, I enjoyed everything the racing industry brought as well as the business acumen. These early experiences would shape the course of my life later on as I became a professional artist. 


In November 2017, I launched "Cars on Canvas" at the SEMA Show's Artwalk. Since then, I’ve been juried into and exhibited at: Art San Diego, La Jolla Art & Wine, Kaaboo Art. In 2019, I’ve exhibited my CARS series at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida, and this summer I’ve been invited to exhibit my florals at the world famous Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, which I’m humbled & excited to be a part of such a historic event! Other amazing events for 2019 include: Art Walk San Diego in April, RetroAuto at the Inn at Spanish Bay during Monterey Car week in August, Kaaboo Del Mar in September, and once again at SEMA in Las Vegas, NV. 


I can’t help but marvel at how every experience, so many relationships, my trust in God and the love and passion for what I do has allowed for this oddly wonderful journey to circle back to this place I find myself now.


If you have any questions about the process or commissioning a piece for your office or home, please contact me at studio@lynhiner.com.


"Lyn Hiner's paintings express the joie de vivre that she so vibrantly embodies in her personality. Whether an abstract study of shape and color, or an emotional impression of land, sky, or sea, Lyn sees through to the essence of what she observes - and more importantly, feels. She describes the world she sees with color, joy, and sensitivity. Her artworks are real life, interpreted through a worshipful lens."  --From Rick Delanty, artist