New Levels Of Gratitude

Last year at this time, I wondered where this artistic journey was headed. I was five years in and at a difficult crossroads. The business was struggling, and things weren’t working out as I had planned. Do I keep moving forward? Do I stand still and do nothing? Do I get off the road entirely? There was a wrestling within me like I’ve not known before.

As I reflect back now, I see that I was trying to hold tight to what I thought was “mine” and make it work at all costs. Ugh! At the time my attitude was definitely not of gratitude. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

As I wrestled through that season however, I came to realize that although I believed my calling to paint was God given, I was actually the one calling all the shots. It finally dawned on me that what I really needed to do was to step back, include Him in my planning, and try to align my goals with His. This was a big perspective shift for me, that required giving up control and entrusting it all to God and His plan for my life, my business…everything. This was a freaking hard thing to do as a card-carrying control freak- and I might add, it’s an area that I am still continuing to grow in.

Fortunately, I decided to continue on into 2019 with this renewed perspective and do you know what happened? I had the most exciting, the most amazing, the most hair-blown-back ride of my life…not only for the business, but in my marriage, as a parent and especially my walk with God. I can honestly say I have a deeper level of trust, peace and overwhelming gratitude than ever before.

What an amazing year it turned out to be. Wow, God - Simply WOW!

Fast forward to today: I’m sitting at my desk preparing my display for a new home showing in San Diego, in the studio I have a que of commissions in the works for some amazing collectors, I’m planning my new collection of pieces for 2020 and making travel arrangements for a year full of some amazing shows. I have no idea what this year holds for LHS, but it sure is off to an exciting start!

So, as we start this new year, I continue to be extremely grateful to God for making it clear that this journey is not about me, that He’s got me, and I can trust Him with everything. I’m also very thankful for my family, friends and collectors whose love, prayers, encouragement, commissions and purchases continue to keep me going. Boy, what a blessing you all are!!

Many, many new levels of gratitude indeed!

Happy 2020 my friends! We look forward to seeing you sometime this year!



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