Fall Blessings

Fall Blessings

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few months, my friends! 2019 has been quite a year so far. So many incredible opportunities, so little time to do it all, including keeping up with my newsletters...

Let me quickly bring you update on the summer. I spent July through August showing my work at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, traveled up to Monterey for a week in August to show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and then a few weeks ago showcased both my car and floral series at Kaaboo Del Mar. Somehow, I was also able to make time to paint and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. What an awesome and blessed summer it’s been!

Looking forward, the Fall looks to be just as busy and exciting. First off, I was honored to be invited to be the signature artist at a charity event this weekend (October 5) to raise money for Childrens Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Mission Viejo. They need beds for those precious babies in the NICU. I know it's short notice, but please contact me if you’d like to attend or learn more about supporting this incredible hospital and their vision!

Next up, I'll be showing at ART San Diego, October 10 -13, and in November I'm looking forward to my 3rd year exhibiting at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. One week later, we're heading to Saudi Arabia to exhibit at the inaugural Riyadh Car Show! Yes, that’s right Saudi Arabia! As I’m writing this, I'm filling out VISA forms, finishing paintings and getting ready to ship my crate out to Riyadh next week! How crazy is that?

In other news, as of August, Rob Hiner (my man) has joined Lyn Hiner Studios as my new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Talk about a Fall Blessing!! We haven’t worked this closely since we both worked at Performance Racing Industry nearly 20 years ago! Rob brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in the automotive industry, as well as creative and marketing to LHS, and he’s exactly what I needed! He’s worked with me throughout the summer on shows and promotional materials, getting a feel for the business of art and working with me to update marketing materials, the website (coming soon) and future endeavors. He is affording me time to create and be creative, something that was becoming restricted as the business side was becoming increasingly demanding. We’re still negotiating his “contract”, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect. So if you’re having trouble getting a response back from me, please feel free to reach out to my partner in crime…I mean “life” and business, Rob (I-will-get-the-job-done) Hiner at rob@lynhiner.com.

While all these exciting components are swirling about in the present, I’m also prepping for 2020 (I’ve told you before that I’m a card-carrying-control-freak, right?). So far, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been juried back into the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach. What an incredible honor it was to receive that letter! Did you know that it’s not a given that you’ll be back in the show once you get in? Artists are juried/scored throughout the summer on the quality of work and presentation and the bottom 30% have to go through the jurying process again – no one is exempt! I am very grateful and honored. 

Otherwise, there are new events being scrutinized, considered, discussed and debated with my CMO (I smile every time I say that) as we decide the ROI of time, money and resources. All important factors when you have a family to care for and provide for – now a very real team effort. Did I mention these are exciting times? I don’t mean that flippantly. I seldom use made up words, but in this season, “nervi-cited” is wholly appropriate. It’s a combination of nervousness and excitement all balled up in my insides. It makes the hairs on my neck stand on end and keeps me on my knees – I first used it when I felt God call me back to painting. Since the beginning of 2019, it’s been ever present…and at the same time, there’s a peace that comes with trusting that God already knows what tomorrow will bring.

None of this would be possible without my surrendering this epic artistic journey to God, and the support of my family, friends and collectors. You are an integral part of the process, and I am so thankful for you!

I will be better about communicating with you from here on out, now that I have some much needed help, but until then – as the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days become shorter, may you experience infinite joy as we seek beauty each day!





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Always exciting to hear how God is working in your life! Love to your whole family❤️


I’m so happy for you Lyn. I love your new verb nervi-cited as that describes me often too. May God continue to guide you, Rob and your girls in the New Year.

Michelle Schwartz

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