Permanent Brush Strokes

  • We’re Off And Running!

    We’re Off And Running!

    Can you believe we’re already in July! I had to stop and ask myself where did these last four months go?? Then I remembered…oh yeah, I am back working again…WoooooooHooooooo!!! Arizona + New York + Florida + LA…and in a...

  • Times like These

    Times like These

    As I was preparing to write this newsletter, something about the concept of time kept coming up…
  • Painting is Messy!

    Painting is Messy!

    A metaphor for Life? (Art imitating Life…or visa versa) Hi my art loving friends. I have a confession to make…I’m a messy painter. There, I said it. I often have paint up and down my arms, spots on my face...

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  • Season Of Change?

    Season Of Change?

    Featured above, detail of "Nevertheless, Love" / 18 x 24 / Acrylic on canvas / Available   I hear it’s autumn in North America, the 107 degree temps last week tell a different story, but this is 2020 and nothing seems remotely “normal” about...

  • Something To Celebrate!

    Something To Celebrate!

    Featured above, "More Than Enough" / 24 x 12 / Acrylic on canvas / Available   As we celebrate our twenty-seventh year of marriage and the six year anniversary of LHS, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic and national...

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