We’re Off And Running!

We’re Off And Running!

Can you believe we’re already in July! I had to stop and ask myself where did these last four months go?? Then I remembered…oh yeah, I am back working again…WoooooooHooooooo!!!

Arizona + New York + Florida + LA…and in a just a few short days I’ll be kicking off my summer season in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach for the 85th Annual Festival of the Arts/Pageant of the Masters! For me, it’s not only a huge honor to be invited back to one of the nation’s oldest and most highly acclaimed fine art shows but it’s also another opportunity to get back to doing what I love – creating and engaging with people! I‘ll be one of 120 artists showing at this beautiful outdoor venue starting this Monday, July 5th at 4pm and running to September 3. If you would like to come visit, I have complementary passes good for Sundays – Fridays. Please let me know a couple of days in advance and I’ll leave them for you at the front entrance.

And…can I just say it’s good to be around people again, specifically you, my amazing friends! We may not have all connected face to face yet, but I know that many of you will be at one or more of my upcoming events this year and I expect I’ll be running into you at some point. Let’s make it happen! By the way, I’m pretty excited about the new pieces I’ve created for my 2021 collection and would love for you to see them in person.

Thankfully, June was all about family. A much needed time of recharging and keeping it all in perspective as we watched our youngest graduate high school and visited with extended family before the show season kicks into high gear next week.

All in all, beyond grateful to be sitting here at this moment, taking in the blessings of time spent with those I love and those in my community (art and cars), thankful for good health and especially thankful to experience smiling faces and hugs again!

Hoping I get a chance to see you soon!



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