The Doors Are Open

The Doors Are Open


So here we are, nine months since my last update. Where did the time go??? Let me briefly bring you up to speed – then I have a SUPER exciting announcement to share!

Since I last wrote in May, we exhibited at some incredible events/locations: the Beverly Hills Art Show, Cortile della Corsa during the Pittsburgh Grand Prix, Pebble Beach Concours' RetroAuto, then flew across the pond to England for the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace and Goodwood Revival at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. While in the UK, we explored some incredible sights in this ancient country. I was blown away by the history and beauty! Since we were so close, we took a quick hop over to Paris for a week to research some potential future events…and bonus! celebrate our 30th anniversary (I mean seriously, the city of love and light? How could we miss it!).

Upon our return, we hit Porsche's Rennsport Reunion #7, the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival in TN, shipped our first ever exhibit to Tokyo, Japan (what?!) and our final event of the season, the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Whew! I swear we really did reduce our event schedule from the year prior, lol, it just didn't seem like it.

We’ll weed through the thousands of photos we took and share some of the highlights in the coming weeks on our social channels! 

Woven among the incredible adventures and business opportunities, I'm aware of all the friends, fabulous cars, beautiful food we experienced and I'm overwhelmed! I recognize in writing this down it all seems bigger than life, and I suppose in truth, it is. But seasoned in this grand adventure there are sleepless nights, distractions from being creative and sitting WAY too much. And still, there's more coming! New projects, new adventures, maybe more sleepless nights! lol. I'm beginning to wonder if we're geniuses, dumb as a rocks or simply yielding to the journey God has incredibly blessed us by. Knowing us, I am confident it's the latter.

With all that said, on to my BIG announcement…

If you’ve followed these newsletters/blogs for any length of time, you would have read about the ‘Manifesto’ I wrote in January 2021, six years into my journey…professionally speaking. Written in response to the challenges I faced in 2020, one of the visions I outlined was the need/desire for a larger space to create, to bring all facets of the business under one roof and to establish a proper gallery space for the artwork. In 2022, as things stabilized, we started praying about and hunting for a place, but as we searched nothing seemed to pan out. Then in early 2023, one of our contacts shared he had a unit in San Clemente coming available later in the year. The size and price point were just what we were looking for, and taking keys in October was perfect for us as we happened to have a short window between events to move in!

It was definitely a big scary move for us, but we decided to step in and said YES! Talk about being nervi-cited (AKA: extremely nervous and excited)!! Insert imagery of us on a rollercoaster, hands high, one of us screaming with fear and excitement, one of us laughing with delight. You can guess which is which.

We’ve spent the past couple months moving in, getting it properly outfitted to our needs and making it our own unique studio and gallery! I can’t wait to show you!!!

So to that end we would like to cordially invite you to join us for our
Saturday, Feb 10 - 10am-6pm
Sunday Feb 11 – 11am-4pm
(Yes, I’m aware that’s Super Bowl Sunday)

For more info email or call us
please RSVP here.

No worries if you can’t make it that weekend! You are welcome to stop by for a visit later. Please note that with our travel schedule our gallery will be open on a "by appointment only" basis. Simply reach out and let us know when you’d like to drop in.

I view the “Studio Opening” as a cool opportunity to share our joy with those of you who have supported my journey with your encouragement, prayers, and love. It’s a chance to say THANK YOU and share our little corner of the world with you! Truly, tears of gratitude flow freely while I type out of the overflow of my heart, nearly a decade into this crazy-cool adventure. I could have never imagined!

As you read the newsletter, you may notice my 2024 event schedule is a little lighter than years past (WooHoo!!). Sure, there are still 13 events on the calendar, but that’s almost a 50% reduction from 20+ events we were doing 2 years ago! For me, the struggle is I LOVE being out there with you all! Still, I have been feeling the need to spend more time in the studio, not only to manage the flow of commission work that I’ve been blessed to get and building the current collection, but also to make the mental space to explore a new series of artwork that’s been brewing inside my head for some time now. It’s been inspiring to absorb this new creative space and it will be exciting to take some focused time to think through and develop something different. Stay tuned to see what comes from all this.

Finally, as I count it my blessing to endeavor to create a small amount of beauty and joy to our world, may you in turn recognize the beauty you bring to mine. I pray 2024 delivers to you overwhelming joy, adventure, laughter and love...and I do hope this year has our paths crossing.

Cheers my friends!


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